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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Japanese Swords


The samurai (or bushi) were the members of the military class, the Japanese warrior. Samurai employed a range of weapons, but their most famous weapon and their symbol was the sword. Samurai were supposed to lead their lives according to the code of Bushido (``the way of the warrior``).

The seven codes of Bushido

The seven codes of Bushido should be followed by the Samurai every day, they are:

Kenjutsu around the world

Kenjutsu around the world

Kenjutsu = Kendo

Indonesia - Indonesian Kendo Federation

Iran - Shinbukan: Iran Kendo and Iaido Organization

Israel - Israel Kendo and Budo Federation

Japan - All Japan Kendo Federation

Korea - Korea Kumdo Association

Macau - Macau SAR Kendo Associations Union

Philippines - Manila Kendo Club

Singapore - Singapore Kendo Club

Taiwan - Republic of China (Taiwan) Kendo Federation

Thailand -Thailand Kendo Club

New Zealand - The New Zealand Kendo Federation

Hawaii - Hawaii Kendo Federation

USA - All United States Kendo Federation,

Southern California Kendo Federation,

Midwest Kendo Federation,

Canada - Canadian Kendo Federation

Mexico - Federación Mexicana de Kendo

Argentina - Kendo Rosario Dojo, in Rosario City

Brazil - Brazilian Kendo Federation

Chile - Chilean Kendo Federation

Uruguay - Yamato Dojo

Venezuela - Ken Zen Dojo de Venezuela

Austria - Austrian Kendo Association

Belgium - All Belgium Kendo Federation

Bulgaria - Bulgarian Kendo Federation

Croatia - Hrvatski Kendo Savez

Czech Republic - Czech Kendo Federation

Denmark - Danish Kendo Federation

Finland - Finnish Kendo Association

France - Comité National de Kendo

Germany - Deutscher Kendobund e.V

Hungary - Hungarian Kendo Federation

Italy - Confederazione Italiana Kendo

Ireland - Irish Kendo Federation

Latvia - Latvian Kendo Federation

Luxembourg - Shobukai Kendo Luxembourg (SKL)

Macedonia - Macedonian Kendo Iaido Federation (MKIF)

Malta - Knights of Malta Kendo Club

Netherlands - Dutch Kendo Renmei

Poland - Polish Kendo Federation

Portugal - Associação Portuguesa de Kendo (APK)

Serbia - Serbian Kendo Federation

Slovakia - Slovenská kendo federácia

Spain - Real Federacion Española de Judo y Deportes Asociados

Sweden - Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation

Switzerland - Swiss Kendo & Iaido SJV/ASJ

Turkey - Turkish Kendo Association,

Ankara Kendo Iaido Association

United Kingdom - British Kendo Renmei


Kenjutsu is the samurai's sword art. It requires the use of swords (katana, wakizashi). Kenjutsu involves high commitment and have a strong side of spiritual and philosophical study. This art was studied and praticed by the samurai's since the 11th century. In the 16th century, there was an explosion of styles (Heiho, Kenpo, Toho, Gekken, Hyodo, Tojutsu, Tachiuchi).